“Thank you to the entire Catholic Engaged Encounter team for creating such a beautiful weekend. Brent and I absolutely loved the retreat, and we were so glad that we decided to take this marriage preparation course over the other options. We are very grateful for all of the presenting couples who were so wonderful! Your honest stories were heartfelt and meaningful, and we truly appreciated that you could share a glimpse of your lives with us. Thank you for helping Brent and I to strengthen our current relationship and to help prepare us for a faith filled, unified marriage.”  – Sara

“We thoroughly enjoyed our weekend! Everyone was so warm, welcoming, organized and informative.  Heather comes from a Catholic background but I do not… even from a non-Catholic perspective, this weekend was very valuable in addressing our relationship and all the challenges that present themselves before (and indeed during) marriage.  The pacing of the weekend was good.  It’s definitely a tight schedule but I never felt overwhelmed or bored.”  – Michael

“Thank you for your time and guidance.  We really enjoyed the retreat format of the course here, as it removed us from the distractions of our busy lives…” – anonymous

“What a fantastic experience! I honestly believe that the benefits from this weekend will be present with us for the rest of our lives. Although none of the topics were new for us, it has been a wonderful opportunity to ensure we have covered all the important stuff in depth. It has taken the focus off “the day” for a while and forced us to look ahead and think about our futures. I feel like we are going into our marriage better prepared…..it has been a very joyous weekend…”-Dominique and Brendon

“I found the weekend very helpful even from a non-believing perspective. Good, kind hearted people made it a valuable experience for both of us. Besides the marriage prep part, one thing I appreciated was the fact that I got to learn a bit about Jodi’s faith and it’s something that I plan on supporting her with in the future – Matt

This past weekend I didn’t know what to expect, but it ended up being a very powerful weekend, bringing Matt and I much closer together. Strongly recommend it for anyone preparing for marriage. …. Thank you for a great weekend, truly inspiring ….. came into it because I had to , leaving with a sense of commitment, fulfillment and truly beginning to understand the value of marriage – Jodi

“Tying spiritual and physical aspects of marriage together was difficult… you clarified these questions quite well for me.”

“… It gave us insights into each other that perhaps we may not have discovered if we had not experienced the Engaged Encounter weekend.”

“We learned one thing… no matter what happens, we talk about it.”

“We’ve grown to love each other more, yet when we arrived on Friday night, we hadn’t thought that would be possible.”